Keep your chin up kid,
t’s gotta get worse before it better.

'Them friends'

I’m sure everyone would know, them friends you have and you get really close and they say that they will always be there for you. They say they will always be your closest friend. They say all these things, and then someone else comes along…

Then you feel like you’ve gone from their closest, most adored soul in the world, to nothing. Sometimes it just seems to happen overnight, it sneaks up on you, and you’re not ready for it. Not in the slightest are you prepared for them to treat you like nothing because they have found someone such as a boy or girl they fancy.

Then their relationship turns to dust, and they are straight back to you. Sad and emotional and they just expect you to treat them like nothing happened and you are still the one person in their world that means the most.

And you… You will just go with it like nothing happened.